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An online community for artists at every stage of their creative journey.

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About Studiomates

Studiomates is a community-led framework to guide and facilitate your unique artistic journey at all levels.

I’ve developed a framework to propel aspiring artists from stage to stage in the artistic journey. This framework is built around the common obstacles we all face and teaches us how to adopt the matching qualities to overcome them.

But the framework is just part of the puzzle. In order to continue moving along our journey, we need encouragement and support.

Here in Might Could Studiomates, you’ll join a community of artists developing creativity, discovering styles, and creating dream projects.

This is your studio. These are your studiomates.

Just this morning I was thinking about Studiomates and realized it's a place I've stuck with for the longest of anywhere before, and has made me connect with my art in a way I haven't felt in a long time - there's definitely something really special about it! Thank you for making it, and the courses, essays and challenges. The community is really wholesome and supportive, just what we need to foster creativity :D

Becky H., Studiomate Member

It has transformed the way I create and is really helping me find my style.

Carla F., Studiomates Member

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